William’s target pace to break the 1000 mile M55 World Record

As I said earlier, emails have been flying between Alan and myself in the short gaps in which Alan isn’t crewing for William.

It may be of interest to know the current plan for William’s running sessions to reach the 1000 mile point, and (hopefully) to set a new 55 World Record.

William will be running his usual 5 hour sessions, followed by a break. His 5-hourly target will be to cover 36km (about 22.5 miles -a little under a marathon) in each 5 hourly period.

William will be doing this four times a day, giving a daily target of 144km / 89.5 miles.

The intention is to keep to this pace for approximately the next three days in order to reach the 1000 mile mark.

More news as I get it,


Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe – William Sichel’s training advisor – ULTRAfitnessTraining.com