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GRIT Strength with Katie

I’m gradually working my way through the varied and extensive range of classes offered by the Pickaquoy Centre and a truly wide ranging spectrum of classes are now offered – surely something for everyone.
The Picky Centre website describes this class as:
“High intensity interval training. GRIT Strength – uses weights and bodyweight exercises to increase tone, strength and fitness.”
The 30 minute, lunch time GRIT Strength, high-intensity interval training, class was something new for me and although I have a long experience of weight training, that experience has nearly always been on my own or just with a coach, one-to-one.
I arrived about 10 minutes before the class began and the instructor, Katie, explained about the nature of the class saying that it was high intensity with very short rest breaks and that I needed a mat and a barbell with a load on it that I found comfortable to lift to an upright rowing position (see photo).  “If in doubt” she said “then go for a lighter weight rather than one that is too heavy as there will be a lot of repetitions with the same weight”.
I aslo needed a single larger weight disc for the lying exercises done at the end (see photo)
Unlike with the BodyPump class I attended previously, in this GRIT Strength class there is no changing of the weight during the 30 minute class so all the more reason to choose the most appropriate load at the beginning.
Katie leads the class from the stage, backed by motivational music, and demonstrating all the moves whilst talking us through the sequences with her microphone.
It is indeed a fast-paced whole body workout using high repetition sequences that test you to your own limit with and without additional weights.
The range of exercises incluses lunges, squats, upright rowing, over-head press, press-ups and a range of core exercises to finish.
I asked Katie why clients chose this class over others and she said that it was because a lot was packed into a short 30 minute class that could be squeezed conveniently into a lunch break.
I was certainly suitably exhaused, sweating and was dying for the end but felt envigorated and knew that I had experienced an all-round intensive workout by the end.
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