William turns a corner…

Alan’s mobile broadband still seems to be down in Athens, but fortunately he was able to send quite a few photos yesterday.

Following on from the post about changes of irection during the race, here is a photo which shows just how sharp some of the “bends” on the course can be.

William yesterday morning

The track for the 1000 miles is actually part of a disused airport. As Tim put it when he went off to do some running of his own, “I ended up away from the circuit exploring the runways of the old airport. Very strange.”

Here is a close up from the above picture showing William turning a corner to go through the gate-

Looking at the course

You can probably see just how sharp these turns are. And if not, here are some close ups.

Start / End of track

Turn(s) at half-way round the track

12 hours of making what looks like four virtually 90-degree turns every lap can be a challenge for any runner.

In context, if a runner covers 50km (50 laps) every 12 hours (and the leading runners are currently doing more than that), this equates to 200 right-angled turns clockwise, followed by another 200 turns anti-clockwise, every day. For the next two weeks.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?