William running for new M55 1000 mile World Record!

One bit of news we have been “sitting on” until this stage of the race is that William is aiming to set a new M55 World Record for the 1000 miles.

We didn’t want to state this too early on in the race as, quite simply, virtually anything could have happened during the first week or more of running.

However, the emails have been flying between here and Athens, we’ve looked at William’s current progress and his overall physical and mental condition, and we all now feel confident to make the announcement.

The current M55 World Record is (from memory as I don’t seem to have it written down here) belongs to Dan Coffey with a time of  14 days, 20 hrs, 45 mins.

William reached the 800 mile mark at the 11 day point, leaving him a maximum of 3 days, 20 hrs and 44 mins to cover the remaining 200 miles to set a new M55 World Record.

William intends to do better than this – but you’ll have to wait for more details.

All the best,


Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe – William Sichel’s training advisor – ULTRAfitnessTraining.com