William now in 2nd place

Still no updates from the Championchip website, so I assume they may be think daily updates are enough (?!?).

Luckily, Alan tells me

“I am back on line – but very slow, and not like our Mr Sichel.”

William has been running well it seems. Alan continues, saying that he’s had
“Another great night and morning.”

I don’t have news on any of the other runners at this point but Alan tells me

“At 10am [William is] now second with 524km [325.5 miles]”

I assume that this means 10am Greek time (8am UK time) but I really am not sure (I will try and confirm later). Obviously William has passed one of the previously leading Germans, and I am guessing this will be Hans Jurgen Schlotter (who was the former #2). Apart from anything else, I think Alan would have mentioned if Wolfang Shwerk dropped back.

Alan adds

“Conditions remain excellent, with no wind and not too cold during the night, however it looks like being a very warm afternoon.”

Hopefully it won’t get so hot as to adversely effect the runners. William will probably run less and walk more if it does get very hot.

Alan concludes by saying,

“I am off to do some shopping for us, and hopefully get some photos off to you early this evening.”

So we can hopefully expect more, but not for a few hours.

But I do have a couple of new photos to add shortly – coming up soon

All the best,