William – latest update

Alan tells me –

“William is now at 1155 km / 693 miles. He is resting and due to start running again at 5.30 (3.30 UK time)”

The plan for Alan to sleep from 6pm until midnight (local time) and then crew him from that point on worked extremely well, with William covering 35km during his 5 hour running session well (this gives an average speed of 7kmh).

Alan adds –

“I also felt much refreshed having had a good continual 6 hours sleep”

NOTE from Shaun

At about 4am I am off to bed and expect to be woken in a couple of hours as  it is my youngest daughter’s 6th birthday tomorrow (or rather, today), so while I will still be updating the blog as regularly as possible, please bear with me while I get bounced upon by a very exited little girl.