William in the Glasgow Herald

Here’s the text of the article (see if you can spot the mistakes!)

Sichel completes 1000-mile target


William Sichel, the long-distance world record holder from Sanday in Orkney, has become the first British athlete since 1991 to complete the rarely held 1000-Mile World Cup near Athens in Greece, writes Robin Morris. He finished second distance from 16 starters by completing the distance in 13 days 20 hours 8 minutes and one second.

Sichel, 56, achieved three more age-group records along the way but finished almost two days behind the new world record holder Wolfgang Schwerk, 54, of Germany. He covered the distance in 11 days 23 hours 18 minutes and 32 seconds. Six more runners, including two women, are expected to finish before the 16-day cut-off period.”