William getting ready to set new 6-day M55 World Record?

Those of you who follow William’s career regularly are probably aware that he holds the World Record for the 6-Day Road event in his age group (M55 – this stands for Male, age 55+ – William is 56 years old).

William set the new M55 World Record last year in Athens clocking up 751.00kms/466.65 miles.

Currently William has already run over 700km with (when I last heard from Alan) about 16 hrs left in which to set a new M55 World Record, so if all goes smoothly he looks set to break his own World Record at some point during the night (as with all World Records this will of course have to be ratified later on become becoming official).

Naturally this is very good news for William and his supporters, but speaking with a little inside knowledge I’ll point out that it is probably even rather more impressive a performance than it sounds, as William hasn’t particularly had this record in focus for this race – indeed he has been keeping his speed down a little to conserve energy for the rest of the 1000 miles and would have been pushing up the pace if this was a 6-day event.

Alan tells me – “William is running so well – he passed 700k, and is now just 51k short of his World  6 Day Road  55 Age Group Record…  It looks it will go in around 10 hours…”

Even at this point, with a record in sight, a new World Record still won’t be top of William’s priorities – he will continue to concentrate on the 1000 miles – but if he gets it, it should prove to be a nice little “bonus”.

More news as  get it,


Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe – William Sichel’s training advisor – ULTRAfitnessTraining.com