William Finished! New M55 World Record (x3)

William has now finished the 1000 miles.

He has :

Won 2nd place in the race

Become the oldest Briton ever to complete the 1000 miles

(not sure about whether anyone older than William has ever completed… I’ll try and check)


Set a new M55 World Record for the 1000 miles

This will be William’s 3rd M55 World Record set during this race – he broke the 6-Day Road World Record and the 1000 km World Record for his age group earlier.

Awaiting confirmation of William’s time from Alan at present – but this won’t just break the old M55 World Record, it will totally smash it….

More news from Alan, photographs of the race and the finish, William’s actual time, more on those still running and with luck a few words from William himself coming up over the next few hours so keep checking back.

William has finished but the race – and the blog coverage – goes on.


Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe – William Sichel’s training advisor – ULTRAfitnessTraining.com