"Why I Use What I Use" by William Sichel

Product Endorsement

Unlike some, I never accept sponsorship for products and services that I don’t use and endorse myself.  In virtually all cases I have used the product or service, been impressed with it and have then approached the company concerned to discuss sponsorship.

I’ll briefly explain why I use the products and services that I currently endorse.



I have tried a number of compression garments and 2XU are simply the best I have experienced.  The graduated compression, standard of manufacture and versatility of the range I have found suits me perfectly.  I use them both during training and long races as well when travelling to and from events especially when air travel is involved.




During long ultras I have found it very difficult to control comfort levels as weather gradually, or suddenly changes during events and at different times of day or night.  This is where the extensive Buffwear range of head and neck gear really comes into its own.  When the head and neck are comfortable, somehow the rest of the body is OK too!



The heavily cushioned HOKA One One shoes (currently I’m using Bondi B) are the only ones that have successfully provided high degrees of comfort after countless hours of road running.  This is exactly what I’m looking for in a shoe.  When this is coupled with light weight, smart design and good looks what more do you want!


Drymax Socks


In my events I need socks that are hard wearing, comfortable and great at wicking moisture away from my feet and keep them blister-free.  Drymax are great on all counts.  In addition they come in a useful range of styles, heights and thicknesses to suit all requirements.



Until I tried Rocktape I had never found a kinesiological tape that I was happy with.  Rocktape fulfils all that I need in the field of movement and joint taping.  It comes with excellent instructions, plenty of product support and excellent instructional videos on their web site.  I use it mainly on hips and calves, prior to the start of an event and then anywhere else that can do with a ‘helping hand’ as the race extends.  Don’t wait until something hurts before using it!


Sunglass For Sport

This is the only retailer that I endorse currently.  I’m happy to endorse them because of the level of information and service that they provide to the customer.  Buying eyewear in today’s crowded marketplace can be a bewildering and confusing experience and Sunglasses For Sport will guide you through this to arrive at just the right products for you.  They stock all the big names in the field but don’t ignore their own range of Evolution sunglasses which are superb value for money.  Their Anti-Fog cloth is also a must-have for anyone involved in sport!

Stockans Orkney Oatcakes


I first came across Orkney Oatcakes when I moved to the islands in 1982. The locally manufactured product has continued to thrive and is now recognised as a versatile low GI food that has a renewed place in our diets. The Stockans Oatcakes come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and flavours and there are so many ways of enjoying them.

I thrive on a high fat and low carb diet and I love their plain, wheat-free version which I can pile high with grass-fed butter to my hearts content!

Now available by mail order too!

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