Why I Use Buff by William Sichel


During long ultras I have found it very difficult to control comfort levels as weather gradually, or suddenly changes during events and at different times of day or night.

Gyula writes : "Right before the start of EMU 6 day race, Hungary. This photographs speaks itself. William is really focused and relaxed."

Wiliam Sichel donning his buffwear before the start of the 6-Day race in Hungary

This is where the extensive Buffwear range of head and neck gear really comes into its own.  When the head and neck are comfortable, somehow the rest of the body is OK too!

William at 2hrs 40mins - Balatonfüred - 8th May 2013

William at 2hrs 40mins into the 6 Day race at  Balatonfüred – 8th May 2013