What’s Next?

William has currently set 423 ultra distance running records. Click on ‘Journey to 750‘ for details

World’s Longest Certified Footrace

Self Transcendence 3100 Mile race, New York June 18th to August 8th 2017 

Significant Recent Results

November 2015: Bislett International Indoor Endurance Festival 48 Hour Race: 315.565km World M60 record

June-August 2014: Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, New York: 50 days 15 hours 06 minutes 04 seconds. 6th man (M60 1st). Set 56 records incl 8 World Age-Group records.

December/January 2013-14: Across the Years 6 Day race, Arizona, USA:  3rd overall (M60 1st) with 761.470kms/473.16 miles  – M60 World Age-Group Record

August 2013: British UltraFest 6 Day Track Race: 2nd overall (M55 1st) with 829.972kms/515.720 miles – M55 World Age-Group Record

May 2013: Balaton 6 Day Road Race: 5th overall with 755.20km/469.26 miles

November 2012: Monaco’s “No Finish Line” 8 Day Race: 2nd overall (1st M55) with 1019.712km/633.62  miles.
William set new GB & Scottish M55 1000km records, thereby achieving his 60th record, 10 months before his 60th birthday!

April 2012: Sri Chinmoy 6 Day Race, New York: William was 3rd overall (M50: 1st) with 461 miles.
November 2011: Monaco’s “No Finish Line” 8 Day Race: William was the outright winner with 1002.290kms/622.80 miles.
William set new GB & Scottish M55 1000km records.
July 2011: Cologne 48 Hour World Cup: Outright winner with 334.714 kms/207.981 miles. New Scottish and British M55 track records.
May 2011: Hungarian 6 Day Championships: Outright winner with 834.190kms/518.34 miles. Outright British record and World Age-Group record