UNIX 6-Day Race – Quick Update

The 48hr Race has now started in Hungary bringing a further 20 runners (17 male, 3 female) onto the track.

William took a 2hr break so, as expected, he dropped out of the #1 spot during this time.

Hans Jürgen Schlotter (Germany) took 1st place and Andrea Accorsi (Italy) moved up to #2.

Once back on the track William has been clocking ug up the miles again, passing Andrea to take the 2nd place position.

At 52 hrs into the race, William was trailing Hans-Jürgen by only around half a mile / .9 km and William is likely to regain the 1st place spot at almost any time. This sort of leap-frogging is likely to go on for a good while to come.

At the 52 hr point William had run 209.71 miles / 337.5 km

Sad news from the Women’s race – Jutta Jöhring (Germany) became ill (I’m told with a fever) and has had to withdraw from the race. Hopefully this will be nothing too serious and everyone at “Team Sichel” sends here best wishes for the future.