Tooting 24 Hour Race Updates

Updates will appear here for the Tooting 24hr track race.

Race starts/finishes at mid-day Saturday/Sunday.

13:00: After 24 hours and 200.50km, William has finished as 8th man (2nd in age group).  21 runners exceeded 100miles.

06:38: 18 hours – 161km, 6th place.

04:27: 16 hours – 150km, 7th place.

19th Oct. 02:30: 14 hours – 135km, 5th place.

00:10: 12 hours – 118km, 6th place.

21:50: 8 hours – 81km, 7th place.

18:38: 6 hours – 61km, 8th place.

18th Oct. 16:40: After four hours into the race, William has run 41km and is currently in 8th place.

A strong field have entered and the race is likely to be the strongest 24hr race in the UK for a long time.  About 44 runners, representing 8 countries.