"The Long View" No1

Train the same – stay the same!

At this time of year many sports people are making plans for the coming year and setting performance targets for their upcoming competitions.

It never fails to amaze me the number of people who set higher and more ambitious goals than last year and yet have made no plans to change or improve their training and preparation when compared to the last 12 months!

In other words, they have big plans to improve this year, but the training will be the same as last year.  So where is this improvement going to come from?

As far as I’m concerned, “if you train the same you stay the same”.

So what should you be doing?  I feel that every ambitious sports person should be auditing all aspects of their training either at regular intervals or on a continuous basis.

How can you do this?  It is best done in consultation with others. Perhaps a trusted friend or partner, an experienced coach, someone else in your sport with your interests at heart and who isn’t afraid to disagree with you.  A ‘yes man’ is of no use in this process.

What should be audited?  Everything that may have a bearing on your performance.  So obviously this will include your training (type, volume, quality etc), your conditioning for your sport, competition preparation, nutrition in training and pre, during and post competition, mental preparation, life style issues and so on.

Draw up your own list and audit it regularly, if you really do mean to improve this year.

Good luck.