The leading German runners

I have had a bunch of questions come through this morning and I’ll try and answer them as best I can, one at a time.

Kevin asked “Any idea what strategies the Germans are using in pacing and are they using the same tactics/working almost as a team?”

I can only give a very basic answer to this, based on an earlier conversation with Alan.

Alan didn’t describe the two leading German runners, Wolfgang Schwerk and Hans Jurgen Schlotter as “pacing” each other, but he did say they are “running off each other’s performances”.

At present William and Hans Jurgen Schlotter are swapping 2nd and 3rd positions fairly regularly and this may go on for some time. Schlotter has a recent 6-day result of over 500 miles, so he is in a very similar league to William.

Hans Jurgen Schlotter

The main test in this race will simply be who can keep their pace in the later stages of the race – once past the 500 mile mark things are going to get very interesting indeed…