The clocks have changed…

Hi all,

As most of our British readers will realise, last night/this morning we moved on to British Summer-Time, which means we have “lost” an hour (what was 2pm becomes 1pm – etc).

When I added the race countdown and timer clocks to the site, I “cleverly” (or so I thought) allowed for this by setting them to Greek time.

The best laid plans have slightly gone astray however, as it would seem that the Greeks also change their clocks – at 1.20pm here it is now 3.30pm in Greece (so the relative time difference remains the same).

The race timers on the blog are therefore currently 1 hr out. I will fix this ASAP but in the meantime remember Greece is 2 hours ahead of UK / GMT time. The 16 day cut-off should now be at 3pm local time (not 2pm).