Thank you – Edinburgh

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I had a really enjoyable visit to Edinburgh last weekend and particularly enjoyed giving my talk on the Monday evening to an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and appreciative audience in the Walpole Hall, Chester Street.  Ably assisted by Run & Become’s Adrian Stott, I gave a detailed presentation on my experiences during the recent Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 mile race in New York. I covered details of the race history, how it is organised on an open street circuit in Jamaica, Queens, New York.  I then detailed how I approached the race, my set-up, how my race unfolded and the incredible finish provided by the race.

After the interval Adrian gave an amusing insight into what it is like crewing for me in such a race (he managed 2 weeks).  I then looked in more detail at the factors that enabled me to finish the race despite being so far behind the required distance after just 3 weeks.  Looking at nutrition, mental factors and the training effect that was evidenced during the race.

Finally I discussed the number of pairs of shoes I went through and I fielded a number of intelligent questions.

A few years ago I would have been paralysed by nerves and anxiety when giving a talk like this but nowadays I really enjoy doing them.  I seem to be able to display my passion, emotion  and love of ultra running better when speaking than when writing about it at present.

Thanks are due to Run & Become and HOKA.

If any club, group or otherwise, in any part of the UK, might be interested in a talk do please get in touch and we can see what might be arranged.