Taiwan 48hr 2014 – 12hr update

Alan at trackside tells me that William to his first break (30 mins) at the 12hr point (in other words, 1/4 of the way in to the 48hr race).

A the 6hr point William had covered 55kms.

Thus far William has been having something of a rough time as he’s not entirely recovered from the Across the Years 6-Day race which finished last month.

After 6 hrs, William  had to strap his ankle somewhat and reduce his planned pace.

As I type, William had covered 76.152 kms at the 12hr point.

During the Across the Years, William picked up a little soft tissue damage in the ankle/ Achilles tendon area as the result of the unexpectedly rough track at the event, and while massage, RICE treatment and generally avoiding anything likely to worsen the situation (including running) has kept things on just the right side of being an actual injury, William has gone into this race at less than 100% and Alan tells me he’s been having to tough it out in the early stages.

Conditions at the race are generally good, Alan describing the weather as ‘”Fair and 12c. ”

Adding that the course provides “Good conditions and surface but very cramped for napping and food tables making things a little challenging.”