Surgeres 48 Hour Race Updates

18th May

16:22 William finished in 5th place, having run a distance of 340.797 km

07:08 William now in 6th position after 40 hours and 287 km. Very wet.

17th May

14:46 After 24 hours racing, William has moved up one place into 9th position. He has run 196 km.

10:46 William has been running for 18 hours and is still in 10th place after 150 km

04:46 With 14 hours of the race gone, William is maintaining his position at 10th and has run 119 km.

16th May

23:22 After 8 hours running William had covered a distance of 76 km and remained in 10th position

18:37 The first report from Surgeres is in and William is lying in 10th place after 4 hours running, having covered a distance of 39 km