STV interview / feature with William – Text

As the STV website probably won’t archive it’s content, here is the text content of their recent interview with William as he was preparing for the Athen’s 1000 mile World Cup.

Long distance runner William Sichel is 56-years-old, but despite his age is about to embark on his greatest challenge yet when travels to Athens to take part in a 1000 mile race.

The athlete from the island of Sanday will be one of 24 ultra-distance runners who will attempt to finish the race within the 16 day limit and he admits it is a terrifying prospect.

“The key is you don’t think about the whole thing, because it would be pretty terrifying and put you off,” said Sichel.

“You break it down into small, manageable portions – what you’ve got to do in the next 20 minutes, the next hour, the next five hours. But you don’t stand on the start line and think about the 1000 miles. Otherwise I think you would just turn round and go home again.”

Events such as these are rare – the last to take place was seven years ago when none of the challengers completed the course. However, with 16 years experience Sichel is confident he can fulfil his goal.

Sichel was passing on his fitness tips to youngsters at a local school who regard his efforts as inspirational.

“It’s pretty amazing. I mean I would get tired after just one mile, so a thousand miles is something pretty spectacular really,” said Joe Cameron.

Polly Thompson added: “I can’t believe he’s even thinking about trying to run a thousand miles. It seems unbelievable. But I’m sure he’ll do really well. It’s just amazing that he’s trying it.”

No spring chicken, this is Sichel’s ultimate challenge and his preparations have gone well and he looks forward to travelling to Greece to complete the race.

The video footage of the interview is currently here available at the STV website