Self-Transcendence 6-Day Race, New York, 2012 – Race Starts Today

The 15th Annual Self-Transcendence Six Day Race, April 22-28, 2012 (which is held in conjunction with the Ten Day Race) starts today (Sunday 22nd April, 5pm UK time)

This race features an international field of runners who have travelled to New York to test their endurance, skill with pacing, and ability to recover from the stress of constantly moving

The competitors run with minimal sleep, all the while trying to accumulate as many miles as possible during the non-stop 6-day race.


There are many patches of green and trees, as well as close proximity to Meadow Lake.

Temperatures in April in New York generally vary between 52º  and 71º with extremes at 33º and 90º. In other words, the runners must plan for any conceivable weather condition, including rain and windy conditions.

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