Self-Transcendence 6-Day Race, New York, 2012 – Dipali Cunningham (current Women’s #1)

Dipali Cunningham, currently 1st placed Woman in the  6-Day Race in New York



Dipali, originally from Melbourne in Australia and now based in New York city, is one of the world’s best women ultra-distance runners.

She has won 14 of the 17 multiday events she has entered since 1992, including three overall victories.

In 1998 she set a women’s world best on the road for six-days with 504 miles, despite heavy rains at Wards Island Park. In the spring of 2001 she went even better with 510 miles, defeating all the men in that race. In 2009 she broke that record again at the age of 53, setting a best of 513 miles.

In 2001 she ran 700 miles in 9 days 11 hours, the third fastest all-time for women. She has completed the 700 mile race nine times.

In 1999 she won the 700 mile race overall in 10 days, 21 hours. She is ranked third in the world for 700 miles, and third for 1000 miles, having dominated the women’s 1000 mile race in 1997 in 13 days, 20 hours.

She has won all six Six-day titles in our spring-time event.

She likes shorter, faster races as well, having won the Sri Chinmoy 47 Mile Invitational 18 times for the women.

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Dipali Cunningham (born 1958) from Melbourne, Australia is one of the world’s best women ultramarathon runners. She began multiday running in 1991 with the Sri Chinmoy 7 Day race in Flushing Meadow, Queens, New York. Cunningham has won every edition of the Self-Transcendence 6 Day Race since it began in 1998. In 2009 she reset her own World 6 day road record.


  • 1993 1000 Mile Race -First Place (Australian record) – 15days+12:52:02
  • 1997 1000 Mile Race-First Place (Australian record) – 13days+20:18:40
  • 1998 women’s world best on the road for six days with 504 miles.
  • 2001 women’s world record on the road for six days with 510 miles.
  • 2004 women’s age group 45-49 world best for six days with 479 miles.
  • 2009 women’s world best on the road for six days with 513 miles


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