Self-Transcendence 6-Day Race, New York, 2012 – 24hr update

Alan tells me

“We stuck to the pre-race plan for William’s timed work periods and he finished his first day’s running on 97 miles.”

To clarify this a little, William is running a set number of hours before each break (running to time) rather than taking a break when he reaches a target of x-many miles (running to distance).  Under “ideal” conditions (e.g. good weather, which thus far as been absent…), William would have been looking to be on circa 100 miles for the first 24hrs, so in other words he is still very close to our pre-race targets for this period of the race, despite the bad weather.

Alan tells me that William started his second 24hrs  around 12:15 NY time (5.15pm UK time)

Alan adds that the race is continuing to provide

“Really tough conditions. Rain has stopped to replaced with a cold wind off the lake”

but that despite all this William is

“Still in good spirits”.

More updates as I get them