Self-Transcendence 6-Day Race, New York, 2012 – @ 139hrs and 45mins

139hrs and 45mins in to the 6-Day – At 7.45am NY / 12.45 pm UK Saturday 28th, with 4hrs and 15mins left to go in the 144hr race

William has slipped back into #3, but current #2 Ashiprihanal Aalto has only a 2 mile advantage. Balatskyy leads the race by 13 miles over Aalto, 15 miles ahead of William.

Realistically William will not be able to make up the distance to overtake Galya Balatskyy in the time still left to run (unless Galya virtually stopped running at this point), but the #2 position is still very much in contention as we reach the final 4hrs of the race.

Alan Young writes "It's nerve racking watching the scoreboard"


Galya V. Balatskyy in #1 on 468 miles

Ashiprihanal Aalto in #2 on 455 miles

William Sichel in #3 on 453 miles

Women’s #1 – Dipali Cunningham on 422 miles