Self-Transcendence 6-Day Race, New York, 2012 – @115hrs 20mins

After a very long and tough night of running William has closed the gap between himself in #2 and Galya in #1 from 19miles to 10 miles. William is now taking a brief break so the gap will widen a little again, then it will be back to some more hard running.


115hrs 20mins into the 144hr race – Scoreboard at 7.20 am NY / 12.20 pm UK (Friday 27th)

Galya V. Balatskyy in #1 on 390 miles

William Sichel in #2 on 380 miles

Ashiprihanal Aalto in #3 on 356 miles

Women’s #1 – Dipali Cunningham on 365 miles