Question – How many runners have been on the track at one time?

Lynn David Newton asked –

Do you have an idea how many total runners were on the venue at maximum saturation?

Well, by doing some checking of race entrants/positions/results (some races have finished, others are still going on), I found the following.

The dates/times given for the races are as follows :

1. 1000 miles, (15-31/3)
2. 7 Days, (24-31/3)
3. 72 Hours, (25-28/3)
4. 48 Hours, (26-28/3)
5. 24 Hours, (27-28/3)

So by my reckoning, while they started and finish/ed at different times, all of the races above would have been taking place on the 28th (Sunday).

The number of runners are/were

1000 mile race (with Wolfgang finished and 7 DNFs) = 8 runners

7-day race = 13 runners

72hr race = 6 runners

48hr race = 16 runners

24hr race = 31 runners

Making a total of up to  74 runners on the 1 km track at any one time (and this during a storm and high winds!).

It certainly can’t have been easy setting and keeping a good steady pace and rhythm under these conditions.

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Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe – William Sichel’s training advisor –