Product Review: Salomon S-LAB SENSE SET 1L Race Vest


Product Name: Salomon S-LAB SENSE SET 1L Race Vest

The vest is available to buy from


This looks like a very small, very light (90g) race vest with an array of pockets and pouches making the absolute most of every square inch of space on the front and slightly round the sides. No pouches or pockets on the back. The whole vest is constructed on a lightweight, stretchy mesh material with two, elasticated and adjustable fastening bands on the front. It comes with a detachable whistle too.

Two pockets high up on the front are designed for the Salomon Softflasks – I used the 250ml ones. One tip is to blow into them after drinking to make them easier to push back into the pocket.

Above the bottle pockets, on each side, there is an additional pocket, on one side a zipped one and on the other, one with an elasticated top.

On the lower front there are relatively large, open pockets with elasticated tops, one each side. Finally, behind these lower pockets is a relatively large, fully zipped pocket which partly stretches around your side.

Every inch of space has been made use of and it’s hard to imagine there being any more room to store anything on such a neat bit of kit.

Fit & Feel

Feels very lightweight and stretchy – you hardly know you are wearing it. I experienced no bounce due to the elasticated straps which allowed full adjustment.


I wore mine virtually all the time for a 6 Day race (144 hours) and had a variety of items in the various pockets including sun screen tube, metronome, small pot of lip salve, arm sleeves, various BUFFS, variety tablets, wet wipes and the list goes on. I experienced no noticeable wear on any part of the light, thin fabric.

The vest is easy to wash and and very quick drying.


It’s hard to imagine a better design for a small, 1 litre race vest and it certainly does the job and I can’t think of any way it could be improved.

The vest is available to buy from

William Sichel