Product Review: “Hypnosis for Running” Audio Course

“Hypnosis for Running” Audio Course by Adam Eason

I can thoroughly endorse this comprehensive, 16 week audio course in self-hypnosis for runners.

Produced by avid marathon runner and acclaimed Clinical Hypnotherapist Adam Eason, all aspects of mental preparation are covered from goal setting and imagining your feelings when achieving your goals, through to sessions that help you cope with heavy training with enhanced recovery and then Adam guides you down through your taper and gets you in the Zone to ensure you arrive on the start line in peak mental condition.

This is a very thorough and evidence-based approach to self-hypnosis for runners and makes the ideal accompaniment to the book “Hypnosis for Running”.

Personally I found the audio mp3s covering the use of imagination absolutely fascinating. Similarly with Adam’s discussion about the use and power of mantras whilst running. Adam often talks through a subject at length before embarking on a guided, self-hypnosis session around that topic. This provides a very thorough grounding in each area followed by a virtual 1:1 with Adam during the self-hypnosis mp3.

On the basis of what I’ve learned from this 16 week course I have been able to develop my own personalised ‘power pack’ of self-hypnosis tools to aid my performance in training and racing.

Maybe it’s time for you to have a go too – you won’t be disappointed.

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