Product Review: Dirty Girl Gaiters


I often think that gaiters are one of the most ignored assets to a runners kit bag.  So often one sees runners with battered feet and shoes full of grit and debris and yet no gaiters!

I’m one of those runners who always flick grit and debris into their shoes even on seemingly dust free tarmac or all-weather track.  If there’s one bit of grit it goes into my shoe.  Because of this I have worn gaiters in every training session and race, whether road, track or trail, for many years.  I have tried a wide range of gaiter styles including those with straps underneath and these ones with Velcro and hook fixings.

Especially in races it’s important that gaiters are quick and easy to fit on and do the job of preventing dust, grit and dirt from getting into your shoes and causing ‘hot spots’ which will develop into painful foot blisters. 


Their striking appearance means that you certainly won’t be missed when wearing these gaiters.  The vivid orangey, red and green swirls make them easy to find in your bag and they are certainly a fun but essential accessory to your running.

The silky smooth and stretchy fabric is as light as a feather and they weigh next to nothing.

Fit & Feel 

They come in a choice of five sizes, based on your shoe size.  Packs come with full instructions but the fitting is easy and effortless – which can become a factor when re-fitting, after a shoe change, during long races.

A small piece of velcro (supplied) is attached to the back of the shoe.  This acts as an anchor for the gaiter and holds it down.  The front of the gaiter is held in place by a small hook which hooks under the laces at the toe end of your shoe.

When changing shoes the gaiter is released front and back, pulled up over the ankle and then the process reversed with the new shoe.  Obviously all shoes must be fitted with the velcro prior to using with these gaiters.  The gaiters come with enough Velcro for several pairs of shoes. 


 I’ve worn the gaiters on road and trail for some months and they have been washed many times – they show no sign of wear.


These gaiters fit on vey simply and they do the job intended – what more do you want!

Available in the UK from:

William Sichel