Perth 24hr – William’s official 12hr distance

At about 12.30am (Saturday night / Sunday morning)  I have just had another quick chat to Tim (while he was waiting for a massage).

Tim tells me that William’s official 12 hr distance was 114 km / 70.83 miles.

This is slightly less that the unofficial figure I reported earlier (119 km), but despite the 5km / 3.1 miles difference, the basic pattern is the same with William needing to run a positive split (see previous post) and to achieve  approximately 59.65 miles / 96 km in the second 12hr period.

William is still running well and enjoying the occasional warm drink now and again.

I don’t have details of how any of the other runners are currently doing other than that the field as a whole seems to be running well and that it looks to be an enjoyable race for most of the athletes.

For the benefit of William’s many followers who are not experts on ultra-running or William’s specific performances I will just point out that while William aims to get a good distance for himself and Scotland, he did not go in to the event expecting to win the Perth race. William specialises in multi-day events and the 24hr race is not his main event (it is actually a bit too short for him), so William is simply looking to cover a respectable distance during the 24hrs and also to use the event as preparation for his 48hr races in October and December this year.

Tim is planning on getting some sleep once he’s suitably massaged, so no more race updates until some time on Sunday.

More as I get it – all the best, Shaun