Perth 24hr – Unoffical 24hr distances

I have been given a message relayed from Tim (this was information he phoned through just before 10am this morning, so with about 5mins of the 24hr race left to run at the time). Please bear in mind that as I haven’t spoken to him personally and I am working only from notes, all this information is subject to confirmation and/or change.

When Tim passed on the message, William was in 5th place overall having taken a 30 min nap during the night.

  • The leading man is/was Chris Carver (England) with a (then) distance of 238 km / 147.88 miles
  • The leading woman is/was Angie Sadler (England) with a (then) distance of 205 km / 127.38 miles
  • William looks to have to have completed around 195 km / 121.16 miles. This is of course an unofficial figure.  IF this is William’s final distance it will be around 14 km / 8.69 miles below his pre-race goal, so almost on his target for the Perth event.

More news as I get it,



5th Man, 2nd Scot, 1st Age-Group- 119.2 miles/191.781km