Noise at the trackside

To answer an earlier question from Lynn…

Yes, it is noisy at the race. I SAID, “YES, IT IS NOISY AT THE RACE”.

During our phone call Alan had some trouble hearing me at times due to the traffic at the side of the track. Alan tells me that he is amazed that William can simply sleep through it (mind you, William does have ear plugs in case he feels he needs them) but evidently William is not having any trouble sleeping, due to noise or anything else.

Earlier on Lisa commented  – “My boyfriend recognized the course as being in Glyfada, near the Hotel London, the race HQ for the Spartathlon. We recall there being an old abandoned airport there, right by the bridge. The course runs right next to the main, very busy road from downtown Athens into Glyfada along the ocean. Too bad the road blocks any views of the water. Glyfada itself is nice, but that particular 1 km course itself looks challenging!”

So not surprising there is noise from traffic then…

All the best