More from Matt at the track

Matt Fawson has been busy again  down at the track (Thanks!)

Matt writes :

“From what have seen at the venue, Schwerk does not seem to be walking much at all – hence the gap he has opened up.

Schwerk - Current #1

He seems to slow down at the crew point, eat/drink, and then pick up his pace again.

Wolfgang Schwerk

Seems that his approach is more instinctive rather than sticking to a prescribed plan. This, admittedly, has worked until now (I must admit I don’t know how he is sleeping) but let’s see what happens after the half-way point.

Schlotter seems to be sticking to a walk-run strategy and his race plan is probably not all that different to William’s which may explain their proximity in terms of miles covered.

Hans Jurgen Schlotter

Hausmann, on the other hand, is just a REALLY fast walker who flips over to jogging once in a while.

Martina Hausmann on Saturday morning

In my humble opinion, as we approach the 6/7 day mark (which is not unfamiliar to most runners) the pacing strategies are fairly rigid. What happens from there on should be revealing as the runners wade right out into territories encompassing severe exhaustion and heightened competition simultaneously.” – Matt

Yes indeed, the 6/7 day mark is likely to see some interesting running. But the last 1/3 to 1/4 of the race is perhaps going to be the most interesting of all…

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