Monaco Six Day 2007 – Race Updates


Updates will appear here from Nov 17th to 23rd approx twice a day.

Thanks to Johanna of Orcadia Design.

The Monaco “No Finish Line” event comprises a 6 day, 8 day and a 24hr event.  The majority of runners, but not William, will continue to complete the 8 day event.


23/11/07 – 9.46

Weather still terrible, but William incredibly sets a new Personal Best with still 9 hours to go. He now sets his sight on 800 km and continues the battle. 

22/11/07 – 16.32

Another terrible day weather wise, but incredible performance  to take the lead and at 685 km (426 miles) the battle continues towards a Personal Best. 

21/11/07 – 17.32

Day 4 (96 hours) sees continued storms and now rain. Distance covered: 576 km (358 miles). 

21/11/07 – 01.57

It’s now 84 hours into the race and time for a short sleep and a short rest from battling with the wind. Still within touching distance of the record now. Distance covered: 506 km (314 miles).

20/11/07 – 13.10

From just before daybreak the sea breeze has stiffened greatly making it very hard and it will require an enormous effort to keep the record in sight. Covered 447 km (278 miles) in 72 hours, half way. 

20/11/07 – 03.00

Good hard work before a short sleep is keeping William’s progress on target. Now past 60 hours covering 376 km (234 miles).

19/11/07 – 14.25

Good progress as William passes 48 hours covering 329 km (204 miles).

19/11/07 – 02.27

Excellent first 36 hours, going very well and feel comfortable. Distance: 255 km (158 miles). Milder tonight at 10C at night with still only a slight sea breeze. Still very early, and still slightly ahead of target.

18/11/07 – 14.14

Excellent first day, going very well and feel comfortable. Distance: 184 km (114 miles). 8C at night with only a slight sea breeze. Very early, and slightly ahead of target.