Monaco “No Finish Line” 8 Day Race – William’s team “Hotel Metropole Fashion Team” wins group category

No recent updates from the official race website and no emails as yet from Alan and Tim (who will still be busy post-race) so while I don’t have any final offical distances and positions,  I have managed to gather some unofficial information from a few web sources etc

1st Man Didier SESSEGOLO (France): 1041 km/ 646.85 miles – William will have come 2nd overall, 2nd Man, and 1st in his age group but I don’t have figures for him yet

First woman: Sara BARNETT (Australia) 833 kms/ 517.60 miles

In the team results, William’s team The Hotel Metrpole’s FASHION TEAM won with a combined total of 14 552 kms  / 9042.2 miles (to which William’s distance of over 1000 km will have been no small contribution!)

I’ve mentioned a few times that the course was crowded for much of the race – not a surprise given that duringthe 8 days of the event there were a total of 8700 participants on the course – 2000 more than last year!

This via automatic translation from the French (from the No Finish Line Facebook page)

13th NO FINISH LINE: race results

No. Finish Line 2012 is completed Sunday, November 25 at 2 p.m. on the Port Hercule in Monaco with a superb lap of honour in the presence of SAS the Princess Charlene of Monaco.

A 13th edition that brought happiness to Children & Future, organizer of the race and the sick and disadvantaged children who will benefit from the projects supported by the association.

An outstanding success since more than 275 000 Kms (42 000kms more compared with 2011) have searched for 8 days, or 192 hours of perseverance and so as many Euros will be donated, as stipulated in the promise of the association: “you run, we donate”

8700 participants or 2000 more than in 2011 (of all ages, from all sources, – more than 15 nationalities) have shared these great sports and generous moments during the weeknight and day.