Monaco “No Finish Line” 8 Day Race – November 17th-25th – Race starting now!

Monaco “No Finish Line” 8 Day Race – November 17th-25th

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William has had a good journey over from Orkney to Monaco, arrived safely and has been staying at the luxurious Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo. who have been kind enough to sponsor William & his crew for this event.

William in Monaco yesterday

Yesterday afternoon William, who was last year’s outright winner of the 8-day race during which he set a new course record and became the first person to achieve over 1000km during the event, was interviewed on Monaco radio about this year’s race.

William with Jean-Claude Messant, the Directeur Général /| Managing Director of the Hotel Metrepol in Monaco

As I type at circa 1pm UK time, the race in Monaco is just about to start.

Alan Young, who along with Tim Rainey is crewing for William during the 8-Day race, told me earlier that everyone is well fed, well rested and generally all systems are go for the race, writing that

“The hotel is fantastic. Great breakfast. Weather sunny little wind. All is well.”

Monaco this morning


With 8 days of running to come, there will be regular updates here on the blog as often as I can manage them / whenever I have news from Monaco – watch this space!


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