Monaco No Finish Line 2013 – Update

A frustrating time as far as race coverage goes. Alan tells me that the internet is down at the race, which is why we don’t have chip results or a web-cam feed at present.

The crew are doing their best to record William’s laps manually – and as Alan  says, William “…is grinding it out…”

While this is very much a “best guess” at this point as so subject to later confirmation etc, it looks like William’s 12 hour distance would have been around 98 km / circa 61 miles.

Subject to confirmation and ratification, this will mean William has set new Scottish and GB M60 12 hour road records, in fact his distance looks to be more than DOUBLE the previous over sixties GB record for 12 hours (road)which was 45.064 kms and was held by Jose Mico.


More as we get it.