Monaco 8-Day Race – William’s 7-Day distance

Just had word from Alan that (always subject to later official confirmation etc), William’s distance at the 7-Day mark was 565.633 miles / 910.299kms

William’s previous best for 7 Days was 548.670 miles / 883km – so an improvement of circa 16.963 miles / 27.299 km

When dealing with figures in the hundreds of miles and kms, it is quite difficult for most people to visualise the actual distance covered and pretty easy to think “small” figures like “16” miles or “27” km are fairly insignificant – but really it is all relative. Sprinters are usually delighted to shave a tiny fraction of a second off their times for a distance. 16+ miles is well over half a marathon, so adding this sort of distance even in a multi-day race is really quite an achievement (I can’t think of any ultra-runner who wouldn’t be dancing a jig if they added this to their distance in a race – well, at least they’d mentally be doing so, they probably wouldn’t feel much like actually dancing until after they’d recovered…).

More on the 7-Day distance when I have further data – in the meantime William has taken a break and will now be focussing on the big push toward 1000km and the end of the race, in less than 20hrs time…