Monaco 8-day race – William in equal 1st position

Tim Rainey sneaking off for a run

Tim Rainey sneaking off for a run

The Monaco race website hasn’t updated its chip distances for almost 2hrs now, so this info is obviously a little out of date, but just before midnight Monaco time (11pm Saturday UK time), William was in overall equal first place with Gerard Habasque, both runners having covered 51.18 miles / 82.38km (Gerard being a few minutes ahead on time but not distance). The #3 position still belongs to Richard Brown (UK), running in the

over 60s age group.

Those of you who follow William’s races regularly will know that it is unusual for William to take an early lead as he tends to favour a slower start to multi-day races. Well, basically, not this time. William has some very ambitious targets for this race and will be pushing a faster pace in the earlier stages. William won’t actually be especially interested in his actual race position at this point (after all, there are more than seven and a half days still to go and the leader board will inevitably play leap-frog many times over this period) but he will be looking for a considerable total mileage for the first day – and for every day to come…

The crew have thus far had an easy time of things, and our other Man in Monaco, Tim Rainey, even had time to sneak off for a run…

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1 82380 m 60 HABASQUE Gerard V1M 1/347 09:47:41
2 82380 m 60 SICHEL William V2M 1/220 09:53:16
3 78261 m 57 BROWN Richard V2M 2/220 09:50:39