Monaco 8-Day Race – 6 Day (144hr) – William passes 800km

Unfortunately I don’t have an exact distance for the 6 Day (144hr) point, the closest being around 10 mins before when William had covered 803.2 km / 499 miles (about 19 marathons in distance). At this point I have not spoken to Alan (he and Tim have understandably been busy crewing) but I’m guessing William will have aimed to make 500 miles by the 6-Day point and then take a break, focusing now on a 7-Day distance. At present William leads the race by 63km. More as I get it.

Place Dist. Nb tour Nom Cat Pl Cat. Dernier passage
1 803205 m 585 SICHEL William V2M 1/714 143:50:28
2 740047 m 539 SESSEGOLO Didier V1M 1/1274 143:49:37
3 707095 m 515 LEROUX Stephane V1M 2/1274 143:59:08