Monaco 8-Day Race – 178hrs 30mins – William about to pass 600 miles

At just after 178hrs, 30mins (7 days, 10hrs, 30mins) William had covered approximately 599 miles /  964km (about 23 marathons). This distance, already a Course Record for Monaco’s “No Finish Line” 8-Day race, still leaves roughly a further 36km (about 22.5 miles) still to cover in the next 5hrs and 15mins in order to break the current M55 1000km World Record. The race itself ends in approx. 13 and a half hours. William now leads by around 54.6 miles / 88km (almost 2 marathons in distance). In the Women’s race, 1st placed Sarah Barnett (Australia) is running very strongly and moves up to 3rd position overall with a current distance of 524.5 miles / 844.39 km.


Place Dist. Nb tour Nom Equipe Cat Pl Cat. Dernier passage
1 963846 m 702 SICHEL William V2M 1/764 178:34:54
2 875974 m 638 SESSEGOLO Didier PERFORMANCE SPORTS NUTRITION V1M 1/1333 178:08:31
3 844395 m 615 BARNETT Sarah MI SEF 1/1947 178:53:58