Monaco 8-Day Race – 146hrs – William 500 miles+

William - up and preparing for a 7th day of running...

William - up and preparing for a 7th day of running...

At just before 146hrs 30mins (6 days, 2hrs and 30mins) into the 192hr (8-Day) race, William had taken a sleep break, passed the 500 mile point and had covered 812.8km / 505 miles. William now leads the race by circa 44.5 miles / 71.5km

In a race of this length, there have been a number of targets William could have chosen to particularly focus on, each of which was/is liable to effect William’s race strategy in one way or another.

One option was to fully prioritise the 6-Day time, take fewer breaks before the 6-Day point and then have more rest to recover during Day 7 of the race, which would most probably have given William a higher 6-Day total but a lower total for Day 7.

While we looked at several strategies prior to the race, we always knew that William would have to make any decisions on which specific targets to go for during the race itself, judging by how he felt at key points and what the race conditions were like (especially with regard to both the weather and the large number of people on the track – there have been 5,649 entrants running on the just over 1km track thus far during the event).

William has opted to focus on the later race targets, looking to maintain a somewhat more even average speed. At this point he will be aiming to break his Personal Best for 7 Days (currently 883km/ 548.670 miles).

This will also bring him closer toward his next target, to reach 1000km.

More news as I get it…

Place Dist. Nb tour Nom Cat Pl Cat. Dernier passage
1 812816 m 592 SICHEL William V2M 1/716 146:28:44
2 741420 m 540 SESSEGOLO Didier V1M 1/1277 146:19:38
3 724944 m 528 LEROUX Stephane V1M 2/1277 146:27:43