Monaco 8-Day Race – 132.5 hr update

At around 2am Monaco Time (1am UK) 132hrs 30mins (just over 5 and a half days) into the 192hr (8 Day) race, William had covered 460miles / 740km (around 17 and a half marathons in distance) and leads the race by roughly 38.5 miles / 62km.

With 11.5hrs to go to the 144hr (6 Day) point, William is likely to be over 800km / 500 miles by the 6-Day mark but is unlikely to break his own 6-Day records (Scottish & British Overall 6-Day and World M55 6-Day, which William set earlier this year in Hungary with a distance of 834.190kms/518.34 miles).

Place Dist. Nb tour Nom Cat Pl Cat. Dernier passage
1 740047 m 539 SICHEL William V2M 1/699 132:38:17
2 678262 m 494 SESSEGOLO Didier V1M 1/1254 132:33:08
3 654921 m 477 LEROUX Stephane V1M 2/1254 132:10:18