Monaco 8-Day Race – 119.5hr update

At around 119hrs, 30mins into the race (roughly half an hour before the 5-Day point), William had covered 426.5 miles / 686.5km (about 16 marathons in distance) and leads the race by approx. 53.5 miles / 86km (a little over 2 marathons distance). Internet access with Alan & Tim over in Monaco has been down this morning so I’m not sure if William was still running or had come off track for a break at around this point. More news as I get it.

Place Dist. Nb tour Nom Equipe Cat Pl Cat. Dernier passage
1 686500 m 500 SICHEL William V2M 1/679 119:37:40
2 620596 m 452 SESSEGOLO Didier V1M 1/1213 119:22:08
3 600001 m 437 LEROUX Stephane V1M 2/1213 119:42:00