Monaco 8-Day – At 2hrs

2 hours into the race a race due to last for 8-days, naturally there isn’t a great deal to meaningfully report but I was aiming to publish the official race results so far.

There is a slight problem with this in that the official race site is currently listing 840 entrants (not all actually running in the 8 day race) in the same set of results, which runs to around 20+ pages on screen.

There should shortly be a way to separate out the 8-day runners from the rest of the field, and there should theoretically be a search function to find a runner by name or bib number. Bear with me while the official website for the race is getting this all up and running smoothly.

Unfortunately for English-only readers, the official site and all results are in French only and the results presents some information in a slightly non-standard format e.g. listing distances in metres (m) rather than kilometres (km), having a CAT list rather than the more usual gender/age group (e.g. Male, over 55 = M55, William’s age group) whereas on the race results he is listed as V2M which I believe equates to Veteran, Age group 2, Male.

18 16476 m 12 SICHEL William V2M 2/140 01:47:58

While the completeness of information may be great in many ways, the site apparently at present listing every single runner taking part in the running festival in the same set of chip results makes it extremely difficult to present information on the 8-day race specifically at this point. As runners are being listed by total distance, as the hours go by it will become a lot easier.

As I type it looks like the official site has made a few changes to the way the data is being presented, bear with me and I’ll post links shortly.