Monaco 6-Day Race – New Course Record for William – 575 miles+ – 171hr+ update

At circa 171hrs and 40mins (7 days, 3hrs and 40mins) into the 192hr (8 day) race, William had covered just over 575 miles / 929.5km (about 22 marathons in distance).

This is a new Course Record for the Monaco 8-Day race (previous record was held by Sjavik Trond with 922.4km). Of course, with about 20hrs and 20mins of the race still to go,William’s new course record is effectively going up with every step.

William currently leads the race by around 48miles / 77km

William will now be attempting to reach the 1000km mark with a total time of less than 183hrs, 48mins, 58secs (7 days  15 hours 48 mins 58 secs) to break the World M55 Age-Group 1000km record currently held by Wolfgang Schwerk (set in Athens earlier this year).

This means that William has to cover approximately another 44 miles / 70.5km in about 12hrs (bear in mind that this has to be done after having already run over 900km in 7+ days).

Can he do it? Keep watching the blog to find out…

Place Dist. Nb tour Nom Cat Pl Cat. Dernier passage
1 929521 m 677 SICHEL William V2M 1/767 171:41:30
2 852633 m 621 SESSEGOLO Didier V1M 1/1328 171:48:32
3 830665 m 605 LEROUX Stephane V1M 2/1328 171:39:55