Lo Wei Ming – newspaper report

Alan sent me through a photo of a a press report on Taiwanese runner Lo Ming Wei.

Lo Wei Ming in a Taiwanese Newspaper - with a mention for the blog too

This obviously means that the report in the press has reached Lo Wei Ming at the race and hopefully will give him a boost, knowing that his friends and supporters are following him closely throughout the event. You might just notice in the photo that the blog here gets a mention too.

While those of us following the 1000 mile race may be constantly amazed at the progress of the runners involved, ultra-running isn’t much in the public eye and it can be a struggle to get the media to cover even the most impressive performance, no matter where in the world one lives – so well done to all at Cho Chan Ma for helping to publicise both Lo Ming Wei’s racing  and ultra-running in general.


Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe – William Sichel’s training advisor – ULTRAfitnessTraining.com