Lo Wei Ming in Athens

Lo Wei Ming

For all of the fans of Lo Wei Ming (especially Steffi who commented earlier) here are some photos of the runner from the Cho Chan Ma running club.

Lo Wei Ming running during the 1st night of the Athens 1000 mile race

Here is one of Lo Wei Ming from today (Lo is his surname, his first name is Wei Ming – thanks to Steffi for clarifying this).

Lo Wei Ming of the Cho Chan Ma running club at around 24hrs

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Lo Wei Ming – TPE – 45 (male)

Lo Wei Ming of Taipei / Taiwan was the runner-up to William in last year’s 7 Day race in Athens with a distance of 490.4 miles.  this year he is back for a crack at 1000 miles.

Lo Wei Ming - 2nd place during 2007 Athens 7-day race

Best wishes to both Lo Wei Ming and all at Cho Chan Ma.