Latest news from Alan in Athens – 36km to go…

Latest from Alan circa 4.30 am UK time
“William reached  about 36km [22.36 miles] from the finish, around 4:45am local time [2.45 am UK]  and will have a break  and be back on the road around 6:30am local time [4.30am UK].

Alan tells me that “All being well” William should have a predicted finishing time for the 1000 miles of  13:00hrs local time / 11am UK – this is a “best guess” only but fits with my own calculations as well, so watch the blog around this time if you can (bearing in mind that Alan will need to look after William before he gets to his laptop!).

Alan adds that William’s

“… feet are now suffering quite badly with blisters, which is quite rare for William who meticulously looks after what he calls “the tools of his trade”

I can certainly confirm this! I massage William regularly and pay careful attention to his feet, but under normal circumstances William’s footcare is so impeccable that you would never even guess he was a runner, but as Alan puts it , William has

” never inflicted such sustained mileage on them.”

There probably won’t be any further updates from Alan until after William reaches the 1000 mile mark – but all news will be posted as I get it.


Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe – William Sichel’s training advisor –